ARTISTS RECEPTION: October 24th, 2pm to 4pm


It is never an enviable task being a juror, particularly when one has to choose just eighty-five pieces from well over four hundred entries. Also evaluating the paintings in a digital format, rather than seeing them in reality brings its own difficulties.

I was delighted to see that my favourite medium of watercolour, with its endearing qualities of translucency and expressiveness, predominated. Sadly, it’s a medium that seems far less fashionable here in the UK these days. However, I also decided to select work in other media, which I hoped would make for an interesting and varied exhibition. My main criteria was to choose work that showed a mastery of drawing, composition, colour and technique. But besides this, one of the most important qualities that I also look for is the personal statement of a painter; it is this that distinguishes his or her work from others.

It has been a pleasure and honour to judge the 2021 International Exhibition and I would like to thank the Philadelphia Watercolor Society for inviting me. The submissions were of an extremely high standard and if your work was not included, please don’t be discouraged. All the artists who entered should be congratulated. Wishing the Society every success with the exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists: Kathy Armstrong, Lisa Arnold Franklin, Partha Protim Bala, Nancy Barch, Janet Belich, Donna Berk Barlup, Barbara Berry, Denny Bond, Myhanh Bosse, Ziyi Chen, Connie Clutter, Deborah Conn, Phil Courtney, linda cowles, Lauren Daddona, Jane deGruchy, Rebecca Denneny, Teresa DeSeve, Gwynn Di Pilla, Stephen Edwards, Joyce Eesley, Mozelle Forman, Jean K. Gill, Betz Green, Jeanne Gunther, Wenqing He, Albina P Herron, Laura Hu, Judith Hummer, Jeff Ishikawa, Nishita Jain, Gina Judy, Barbara Kaiser, Carol Kardon, Mark Kaufman, Chris Krupinski, Rebecca Krutsinger, Theresa Kubert, Alexis Lavine, David Lee, Dongfeng Li, Carolyn Lord, Stacy Lund Levy, Larry R Mallory, Jeanne Marston, Jeffery Mathison, Randy Mayer, Jacqueline Meyerson, Lynn Millar, Eveline Miller, Terri Morse, Kimberlee Nentwig, Woon Lam Ng, Elizabeth Oberman, Kate Orr, Maria Payer, Evie Peck, Lynda Pitman, Trish Poupard, Lana Privitera, Lori Quinque – Quinn, Kuruma Reid, Richard P. Ressel, Karen Riedy, Russell Risko, Cheryl Schlenker,  George Schoonover, Suzy Schultz, Dena Shepherd, Mary Rinderle Smith, Michael Solovyev, Bonnie Steinsnyder, Jane Stoddard, Annie Strack, Susan Stuller, Jeannine Swartz, William Sweeney, Susannah Thomer, Carmella Tuliszewski,  Dee Turba, Denise Vitollo, Carrie Waller, Susan Weintraub, Frank Wengen, Jane Wise

About PWCS: Violet Oakley, George Bellows, Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle, John Singer Sargent, along with NC, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth are just a sampling of the legendary figures in American Art who have counted among their credentials membership in the Philadelphia Water Color Society. Today PWCS continues to support artists with opportunities for exhibitions and professional development. PWCS is one of the few art societies anywhere that accepts works on paper to include watercolor, pastel, charcoal, graphite, acrylic, gouache, colored pencil and hand pulled prints

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