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The Duke Gallery at the Community Arts Center, built in 2008, is a dramatic and welcoming space for gatherings of all kinds.

With changing displays of art and beautiful views surrounding you, you’ll agree that the Arts Center is a great place for a celebration!

Smaller spaces in the Main Building and the adjacent Smith Court also offer flexible, unique settings for parties and events.

Duke Gallery* (fully air-conditioned and handicapped accessible) Seated with service and dance floor: up to 200 Cocktail: up to 250 Booking Details >

Ballroom (Second Floor)* (elevator accessible, air-conditioning) Seated with service: up to 60 Cocktail: 100-125 Booking Details >

Smith Court (Second Floor)* (fully air-conditioned and handicapped accessible) Seated with service: up to 40 Cocktail: 60-80 Booking Details >

TowerThe Tower* This secluded tower presents the perfect photo opportunity with a beautiful backdrop.

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