Summer Spree TEEN STUDIOS 2016 (ages 12-17)

drawing2Summer Teen Studios are especially designed for young artists ages 12 and up. Our Teen Studios are the perfect place for teens to follow their interests in a welcoming, supportive environment. Small classes are ideally suited for all levels—from the dabbler to the most serious art student.  Teens will have fun while they explore the arts—master skills and learn new techniques—concentrate on a single medium—receive individual instruction from an outstanding teaching artist.

Classes in all sessions meet Monday – Friday, either 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm or 2:30pm to 4:00pm  (CLAY WHEEL  CLASSES RUN FOR 2 WEEKS ONLY)

SESSIONS 1, 5 & 6 – member $85/non-member $100 per class

SESSION 2 (4 DAYS) – members $65/non-members $80

SESSIONS 3 & 4 – member $155/non-member $170 per class

Advanced Drawing Techniques with Greg Brellochs  Session 2, 1pm-4pm

This is a special 3 hour, 4 day long course for young artists who are serious about fine tuning their drawing skills. An intensive course working from life and from the imagination alongside Greg Brellochs, a Philadelphia based artist, Associate Professor, and the Visual Arts, Coordinator at Camden County College in New Jersey whose work will be on display in the CAC’s Duke Gallery. The tuition for this special extended course is $110 CAC members / $120 nonmembers  register here

Airbrush with Gary Rothera  Session 6, 1:00 -2:30pm

Can you imagine learning how to paint with air propelled paints using an airbrush tool? Discover a variety of techniques from stippling, gradations, color mixing and using stencils as well as free hand spraying. These are non- toxic water based inks and paints. Airbrushing is a lot of fun and it creates very unique results. register here

Architectural Models with Josh Irvan  Session 3, 2:30 – 4pmarchitecture

Students will construct houses out of foam board, balsa wood and other materials while learning various model building techniques. This will include basic design, model construction, model detailing and painting. You’ll leave with a finished model.register here

Cartooning, Comic Books & Illustration with Desire Grover  Sessions 4, 2:30 – 4pm & Session 6, 1-2:30pm

This class covers the basics of cartooning. We will learn to tell stories with pictures and to use other cartoons as references for developing our own. A key component of the class will be character design, including conceptualizing characters in 3 dimensions.  We will explore various popular styles of cartooning and illustration. for session 4 register here for session 6 register here

teen photoDigital Photography Session 1, 2:30-4pm with Patti Kelly  Session 2, 1:00 – 2:30pm with Patti Kelly  Session 5, 1:00 – 2:30pm with Suzanne Baker

Digital photography opens up new possibilities for capturing images. These days almost everyone has a digital camera, but getting great results takes practice. Explore the art of photography in the digital realm including camera function and composition. Bring a digital camera. for session 1 register here.  for session 2 register here for session 5 register here

DIY Photo Crafts with Suzanne Baker  Session 5, 2:30 – 4pm

Have you been taking a ton of photos and can’t figure out what to do with them? Bring your images to this class to download, manipulate and print to incorporate them into beautiful collages and crafts for your room!  register here

DIY Room Décor with Gail Herring  Session 2, 2:30 – 4pm

Time for a room remix! Decorate your space with a mix of handcrafted accessories. We’ll paint, collage, sew, recycle and repurpose to design creative projects that celebrate your style. Bring some ideas and your imagination – and get ready to join the fun! register here

Drawing and Pastel with Pat Scarano  Session 1 – 1-2:30pm

Students will train their eyes and hands and increase artistic confidence by building a solid foundation in drawing. We will work from still life, landscapes, and the figure using pencil, charcoal, colored pencil and pastel. Learn to recreate what you see in an expressive way. register here

Drawing using your Digital Tablet with Drew Arata  Session 1 – 1- 2:30pm

Bring your iPad or any other model of tablet to this class and learn how to use a number of interesting and versatile apps that can be used to draw, manipulate and then animate pictures! We will draw from our imaginations, as well as taking our tablets outside to draw from nature before taking our digital illustrations to the next level. register here

Jewelry & Small Metals with Dori McClennen  Session 3 – 2:30 – 4:00pmjewelry

Learn tools and techniques to create jewelry out of metal that are uniquely your own! You will saw, file, polish, and create textures to fabricate distinctive jewelry from copper and brass wire and sheet metal. You will create a number of pieces, including a charm, a ring, and colorful copper pendants using colored pencils and more! register here

 Hand Built Ceramics   Sessions 1- 4 & Session 6, 2:30-4pm with Kate White  Session 5, 2:30 – 4pm with Justin Benn

Hand building opens up new possibilities in clay. Learn basic techniques to create fun and useful pieces like plates, mugs and bowls using pinch, coil and slab construction. Try your hand at buildings, figures, and animal sculpture. Clay preparation, glazing, and the firing process are included.        register for session 1 here  register for session 2 here  register for session 3 here   register for session 4 here  register for session 5 here  register for session 6 here

Mosaic Arts with David Woods  Session 4 – 1:00 – 2:30pm

A mosaic is a pattern or picture made using many small objects (traditionally with stone, tile and glass).  This studio is a unique opportunity to learn the mosaic process. Each student will design and create a piece of mosaic art to take home. All supplies will be provided. register here

Movie Making Using Your Home Computer with Margaret Ewing  Session 3, 1:00 – 2:30pm

Kids will learn the basics of movie making in three parts: One – we start with a concept and develop our ideas through sketches and storyboards. Two – we will shoot stop motion animation and capture live action footage to make our ideas come alive. Three – using iMovie and Adobe Creative Cloud we add graphics, sound, effects and music, finalizing our movie creations. After taking this class you will be able to go on and be the director of your OWN original movie! register here

Origami with Gary Rothera  Session 6 –2:30 – 4:00pm

We will begin with classic 700 year old Origami classic models and then we will move forward into more complex compound Origami models which reflect on nature in the tradition of Japanese Origami paper folding. Each student will take home multiple projects made out of Origami paper. Nimble fingers required! register here

wheelpottery2Pottery on the Wheel with Carol Seymour  Session 1 – 6  1 – 2:30 pm

Learn all about the potter’s wheel. Create beautiful shapes and functional forms that will last a lifetime. Students should have some experience with clay. ALL WHEEL CLASSES RUN FOR 2 WEEKS (register in sessions 1, 3, 4 & 5) register here for session 1&2 register here for session 3  register here for session 4  register here for session 5&6

Sketching in Nature with Gail Herring  Session 3, 1-2:30pm

Observe and interpret landscapes and natural objects using a variety of drawing techniques. We will work outdoors, in the classroom, and from photographs.  Preliminary sketches will focus on composition and design principles.  Students will develop drawings from their sketches based on personal style and creative expression. register here

Silkscreen T-Shirts & Graphic Designs with Drew Arata  Session 4 1-2:30pm

In this no-experience necessary class Drew Arata, from Earth & State in Media, will work with you to print your own t-shirt and /or poster design! This class will cover how to use the equipment and tools, and basic tips and tricks necessary to print your own unique design. register here

 Steam Punk Found Object Art with Gary Rothera  Session 4, 2:30-4:00pm

In this class we will make retro futuristic, steam punk styled sculptures made from re purposed objects, toys and discarded junk recreated into unique art figures, robots, birdhouses and functional art that can used or worn. Together we will discover how to be creative & resourceful at the same time.  Scavenger hunts may be required! register here

Tie Dye Techniques with Graham Brewer  Session 5, 1:00 – 2:30pm

During this class you will learn many different methods for creating unique patterns (mandalas, peace signs, hearts and much more) with colored fabric dye by using different folding and dye application techniques. Bring anything (100% cotton) you want to dye, from socks, to t-shirts to large bedsheets to make wall tapestries! register here

Watercolor with Pat Scarano  Session 2  1-2:30pm

Learn to understand the medium of watercolor by working on fun and simple projects like still life and landscapes. Basic watercolor techniques and materials will be explored. register here


Don’t see what you are looking for? Teens ages 18 and up are welcome in adult classes.  Take a look at our Summer Adult Brochure or check out our Web site at for a complete listing of adult classes.