Summer Spree Visual Arts Camp 2016 (ages 4-11)

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eARTh forms:  CREATE YOUR WORLD! June 27 through August 20                 Ages 4-11 | Full & Half Day camp

Summer Spree at the Community Arts Center is the perfect place for kids to have fun, be creative, and work alongside experienced teaching artists.  Summer Spree has been around for a long time— more than 30 years—so we know what kids, parents and teens want in a summer program.  Our classes are designed to bring out the best in everyone.  This summer will be exploring nature’s beautiful designs ~ symmetry, fractals, waves, spirals, tree branches, tessellations and more….  Young artists will find artistic inspiration in discovering the patterns and rhythms of the wonderful world all around us, from tiny shells to spinning galaxies. We will create all kinds of works of art, from drawing the veins of a leaf through a magnifying glass, to building a sculpture garden together, complete with a giant, colorful, whirling spiral mosaic! So join us this summer to have fun, explore nature and make art!

concentrationMagic Mornings ~ 9:00AM – 12:00PM Monday – Friday  (ages 4-11)

SESSIONS 1, 5 & 6 (1 week) – member $175/non member $190 SESSION 2 (4 days) – member $140 / non member $155 SESSIONS 3 & 4 (2 weeks) – member $310/non member $325

In addition to the regularly scheduled morning activities, each of our five sessions features special extras for all campers. Each session, different visitors are eager to inspire young artists. These projects provide special opportunities to work alongside professional working artists and master gardeners on projects designed especially for Summer Spree!

Register Now Choose your session and the grade your child is entering in the Fall.

colorwheels5Session 1:  June 27 – July 1   Forest Garden Creation with Przemek Walczak

Campers will work alongside, Przemek Walczak, a master Horticulturalist from Chanticleer Garden, to help design a new special hidden garden at the Community Arts Center.  Weaving behind twisty trees and into the forest we will create a meandering pathway that leads to a secret spot among the foliage!  Then we will plant gorgeous green ferns and magical mosses in this enchanted shady landscape.



Session 2:  July 5 – July 8 – July 3   Earth-Color-Camouflage with Drew Arata and Bob Deane

Using natural pigments that are dug out of the earth we will camouflage our weird and wild mud worm sculpture using earth tones of yellows, greens and oranges, so it beautifully blends into the landscape. We will also weave fences made of branches and twigs to make stealthy hiding spots for our clay creations!


Session 3:  July 11 – July 22  The Patterns that Connect Us with Greg Brellochscolorwheels2

We will take our sketchbooks on an expedition into the woods to explore and investigate the many patterns that occur in nature and find the special forms that so many things share! We will make line drawings and then use the drawings as inspiration to create clay relief tiles. The tiles will become part of our new sculpture garden’s pathway.

Session 4:  July 25 – August 5  Swirling Spirals with Drew Arata and Bob Deane

With beloved ceramic artists Bob Deane and Drew Arata, kids will help to create a great big mandala sculpture in our new secret garden out of handmade clay tiles placed in a pattern that swirls and spirals like a galaxy of stars! We will also hike, play and explore the woods and gardens for inspiration and fun!

Session 5:  August 8 – August 12  Tiles and Tessellations with David Woods

colorwheels3The ancient art of mosaic comes alive every summer with CAC resident mosaic artist David Woods. We will create a mosaic masterpiece in the garden in his signature style using tessellations – or repeating patterns of shapes – to create beautiful designs inspired by flowers, honeycombs and other natural treasures.

Session 6:  August 15 – August 19   Nature Mandala with Eurhi Jones

We will explore the arts center’s woodland and garden areas to collect natural objects, paying special close attention to their shapes and patterns. From the array of beautiful materials and colors in our collections we will construct a spectacular giant circle of repeating patterns that will represent wholeness and connection.


If your child is enrolled in either the MAGIC MORNINGS or AFTERNOON ADVENTURES and you would like your child to eat lunch at Summer Spree, let us know when you register. Lunch is a supervised hour from 12 noon to 1:00. Children bring their own bagged lunch and a beverage. This is a fun opportunity to eat and relax with friends. Children registered for both the morning and afternoon programs do not have to pay extra for lunch. There are no daily drop-ins for lunch. All children must be registered for the entire session.

SESSIONS 1, 5 & 6 – member $30/non member $35  SESSION 2 (4 DAYS) – member $25/non members $30  SESSIONS 3 & 4 – member $60/non member $65

group shot

Register Now  Choose your session and the grade your child is entering in the Fall.

Afternoon Adventures ~ 1:00PM – 4:00PM Monday – Friday (ages 4-11)

SESSIONS 1, 5 & 6 (1 week) – member $175/non member $190 SESSION 2 (4 days) – member $140 / non member $155 SESSIONS 3 & 4 (2 weeks) – member $310/non member $325

Summer Spree fun continues in the afternoons with lots of action that will get your creativity flowing. Each day will be filled with a combination of outdoor games and/or hula hooping, dancing, movement, music making, lego building, storytelling and making art!

clay animalCeramics with David Woods

Get more time with clay in the afternoons to experiment with different techniques of hand building. We will work with slabs, coils, textures and much more to create anything and everything you can imagine!

Songwriting and Storytelling with Pauline Houston McCallrock camp

Join us for fun and whimsical storytelling, story making and fabulous tall tales.
Let’s weave magic together as we drum a rhythm story or dance a tale as long as a warm summer day.  Summer Spree would not be without the funtabulous music and songwriting class circled by beats and fun rhythms!

Lego Building with Justin Benn

Each week we will get a chance to build with Community Arts Center’s awesome LEGO collection!  We will work on individual or group projects and play, build and construct unique structures, vehicles and monsters to add to your imaginary world.

hula hoop girl

Yard Games, Hula Hooping and other Movement!

We like to rev things up a bit in the afternoons, so we’ll play outdoor games, practice our hooping skills and explore other energetic activities in the big yard that combine art with physical education!

***SESSION 4 AFTERNOON ADVENTURES SPECIAL GUESTS……HEDGEROW THEATER COMPANY!  Hedgerow Theater’s own talented teaching artists will come in the afternoons to work with us to recreate scenes from the beloved children’s book and play Charlotte’s Web! Keeping with our theme of exploring patterns in nature, we’ll make spider webs and pinwheels to go to the fair!

You will enjoy reduced tuition if you become a member of the Community Arts Center. Members receive reduced class tuition throughout the year, and a discount card for several area businesses.

Junior Membership: $30 (per child)   Household Membership: $75

We offer a 10% sibling discount for additional children from the same family.


Register Now Choose your session and the grade your child is entering in the Fall.