In Our Stairwell Gallery

The 3D Ceramic Artwork of the Students of  ceramic instructor, Barbara Hanselman


The 2D artwork of the student of painting instructor, Matiko Mamaldze

March 17 to April 27

Artists Reception: March 17, 2pm to 4pm

Featured 3D Student Artists:  Dianne Bickle, Sue Gibbons, Maryann Lockart, Maxine Manges, Shilpa Patwardhan, Susi Peltzman, Marcia Reiver, Linda Selwood and Marci Koko Snyder.

Featured 2D Student Aritists: Donna Billingsley, Cathy Brower, Jim Clyma, Dianne Daley Moss, Marie Dreyer, Laura Gibson, Lenore Giorgianni, Jenny Hall, Patrick Kelleher, Anne Kitchen, Mary Kristal, Christal Mockenhaupt, Wendelin Ray, Brit Ray and Scott Rector,