Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators Members Choice Exhibition

Exhibiting Artists: Sharon Gross, Diana Heitzman, Carol Habig, Alice Waters, Melissa Stout-Greiner, Virginia Fitzpatrick, Amy Stewart, Donelda LaBrake, Ingrid Arnesen G., Linda Kneeland, Linda Coulston, Tom Lessik, Janet Henderson, Susan Mintun, Judith Simon, Robby Schlesinger, Melissa Olson, Richard Weisenberg, Diane Zullinger, Allison Finch, Deborah Jones, Heather Wills

The mission of the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators 
is both educational and philanthropic: 
to educate ourselves and others about the history of Botanical Illustration; 
to celebrate the artistic development of our members;
to provide an opportunity to exhibit together;
 and to bring Botanical Illustration to the attention of many audiences. 

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