Lucky Charms – Newly Expanded for 2013

Programs for Pre School Children

The CAC is committed to serving artists of all ages, and takes particular pride in offering programs that introduce young children to art, preparing them for a lifetime of involvement in the arts.  We believe that art is essential to personal development and that an arts focused education gives children a unique view of the world.  There are a number of options for young children:

Lucky Charms (Newly Expanded!)

Lucky Charms is an afternoon arts enrichment program for 3 to 5 year olds.  Each day of the week has a special theme.  It’s a perfect complement to a morning program, or a nice way for children to get their first experience with pre-school.  Families may choose 1, 2, or 3 days.  A discount is available for children who enroll in multiple days.  Space is currently available in this program.

Musical  Tuesdays with Judy Luzak and Patti Kelly

On Tuesdays children will learn to sing in tune, keep a beat and participate with confidence in this early childhood music class. We will sing, move, chant, listen and explore lots of different musical instruments, but most of all we will have FUN!

Through Our Own Eyes – Nature Study & Photography with Patti Kelly and Suzanne Hayward

Each Wednesday we will engage your child’s curiosity about plants, animals, seasons and the natural environment that can be found near and around our school. Touching, seeing, pretending, photographing, collecting and sharing fill this afternoon of observations of the world around us.

Clay Play Thursday with Suzanne Hayward & Patti Kelly

Thursdays will give an opportunity for kids to have fun as they explore and create with clay.  We’ll spend time discovering the many delightful properties of clay, and its endless possibilities for art making.  In addition, we’ll dig some clay right from the ground, visit the kilns and watch the experts in the ceramics studios at the CAC. Basic techniques like slipping, scoring, coils and pinch will gradually be introduced as children become familiar with the medium. This class is all about the process and the product: hands-on experience and the fun of finished pieces.

Registration available online <click here> and choose Art Start Pre-school as the semester and scroll down to Lucky Charms

Photograph by Suzanne Brophy

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