Stairwell Gallery: The CAC Printmakers

Exhibition of an instructor’s student work or the work of those attending a studio at the Arts Center

Printmaking at the Community Arts Center

EXHIBITING ARTISTS:  Austin Dodson, Lisa BergerLentz, Bill Lynch,

Reception: July 13, 2014, 2pm to 4pm

July 13th to August 22

Celebration, Toby DeLaney, $125, 16”x 12”Eggs and Coffee, Toby DeLaney, $125, 11”x 14”Copper and Lemons, Margo Johnson, $575, 12”x 16”Gallery Door Third Floor, Toby DeLaney, $250, 24”x 13” SOLD!Green Peppers, Toby DeLaney, $85, 9”x 11”Green Piece, Jeanne Lovern, $175, 12”x 9”Lemon in Light, Elizabeth Breakell, $300, 12”x 16”Let them Eat Cake, Margo Johnson, $395, 9”x 12”Reflections, Elizabeth Breakell, $275, 16”x 12”Sink, Elizabeth Breakell, $850, 30” x 20”Tea Time, Toby DeLaney, $150, 16”x 12”