In the Duke Gallery: Lisa Roper: Alluring Light

Photographs of Chanticleer Garden

March 17 to April 12

Artist Reception: March 17, 2pm to 4pm

Artist Statement

I started working at Chanticleer Garden as a horticulturist 28 years ago and I have been photographing there for the past 7 years.  Gardening and photography go hand in hand for me. By day my hands are in the soil, planting South African annuals, succulents or the ornamental thistle I grew from seed. I tend the Gravel Garden and Ruin, where I’m staking, watering, deadheading and weeding. In the evening or early morning when I photograph the entire garden, I approach it with a different outlook. My goal is to capture the constantly evolving garden designed and planted by me and the creative team  at Chanticleer. I seek new perspectives, ways to frame a view, light that is transformative. I endeavor to make photographs that evoke a mood or memory. For me the photographs inform the garden and the garden inspires the photographs.