Michelle Rothwell

Michelle Rothwell is currently an associate professor and the program director of the new Game Art BFA program. During her career in academia, she has designed multiple degree programs – and dozens of courses – for other colleges and universities in 3D Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Game Design.

Michelle earned her master’s degree in Industrial Design from the University of the Arts in 1997. She has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of Rhode Island.

Mrs. Rothwell has more than 30 years’ experience in technology-based art and design. She has served in a wide range of professional roles, including director of Information Architecture, Interaction/Interface and Web Designer, and Virtual Reality researcher. In addition, she has worked on software and product development teams for DuPont. Her client list includes Proctor & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Merrill Lynch, AstraZeneca, SAP, Qwest Communications and Unisys.

Mrs. Rothwell is a practicing fine artist. Her work is inspired by the interplay between the functional elegance of nature and the manifestation of human culture. Her original, hyper-realistic virtual-sculptures are developed using the same digital-3D tools that produce video games and animated films. Michelle’s work has been shown nationally in both solo and group shows.

Mrs. Rothwell is also the founder of Holistic Creativity, LLC, a system for inspired productivity using a holistic process for self-evaluation and development. It combines the latest knowledge and best practices from traditional studio techniques, contemporary design theories, cutting-edge neuroscience research and timeless spiritual principles. The result is a comprehensive approach for stimulating creativity and productivity that serves both individuals and teams.

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