Lene Dronen


Lene, an Artist, Photographer, and Educator originally from Norway, now residing in Philadelphia, brings an international experience to her creative journey. Graduating from the University of Gloucestershire in England, she has since embarked on a journey marked by diverse projects and mediums. Her works have been exhibited solo and group worldwide.

At the core of Lene’s artistic mission lies her dedication to challenging societal perceptions and dismantling stereotypes surrounding individuals with disabilities. Serving as the Family and Community Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts, she coordinated inclusive family programs and collaborated with schools and communities. This led to partnerships with organizations like Art-Reach, Baker Industries and Project Home.

In her most recent role as Director of Cultural Arts at Sparc Philadelphia, Lene continued to champion inclusivity and empowerment through art. She has witnessed firsthand how art can inspire and empower individuals, driving positive change within communities.

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