Christina Klaproth

Miss Christina is a preschool & parent/child music educator based out of south Philadelphia. She has a BA in Communication Studies & Minor in Art History from West Chester University in 2012. For the past decade, she has been a musician & singer/songwriter involved in multiple musical projects including dream pop band Tutlie, reggae bands Cultureal & The Underwater Sounds and most recently her own venture, a band named Miss Cantaloupe. In 2016 Christina received her teacher training certificate with Tammy Kerokunian of the award-winning program, Children’s Music Express. She then began working for Peter Moses of The Music Experience & The Mindful Experience for children in preschools teaching music & mindfulness. She currently teaches preschool music classes & parent/child music classes throughout the greater Philadelphia area as well as performing gigs with her band. She is passionate & eager about bringing the arts to early childhood education.

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