Charles Green

Charles Green is a young, energetic artist and teacher pursuing his goal to empower youth to become strong leaders and lifelong learners through the arts. Coming out of his home state of South Carolina where he was a painter and educator, he arrived in Chicago to attend and receive his graduate degree from SAIC within their Arts Education Department. After 5 years there, he moved to Philadelphia to be closer to family and to bring his experience back East. His interests in the use of public space, specifically schools and other youth oriented spaces, has contributed to his current work focused on designing learning environments. Charles strongly advocates for the increased inclusion and accessibility of youth participation. This is evident in his social practice which consists of working within communities, building a dialogue with its members, and together creating projects for the benefit of all participants. Through his efforts, and with the support of the community, he has been able to create a more socially aware and engaging art practice. These projects have been a source of pride in their communities and have manifested in various ways including urban gardens, recycling centers, open graffiti spaces, adult art classes and youth reading programs. By allowing for more intimate dialogue and collaboration in his work, Charles continually shares the power of design with his students, enriching them, their communities, and himself.

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