Camille Holstein

Camille has been a student of the path of yoga since 2000.  Her study and training in Yoga has been influenced by Vinyasa flow yoga as a form of moving meditation. Her classes focus on increasing overall well-being, stress relief, compassionate awareness, and integrating modern application of the 8-limbed path of yoga on and off the mat. She holds multiple certifications including pre-natal yoga, kids empowerment yoga, trauma-informed yoga, yin and restorative yoga, and mindfulness meditation.  Camille believes that the ancient art and science and physical practice of yoga seeped in mindfulness can create harmony in the body, mind and spirit while providing an antidote for the busy, modern life. Her goal is to offer yoga and meditation classes that are inclusive and accessible by inviting students honor their bodies and mind in the moment and deepen their connection to self and community. She is a also a mom of four children and is currently pursing a Masters of Public Health at West Chester University.

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