Joel Keener

“Residing and working in Claymont Delaware, Joel considers himself to be a realist with a traditional fine art background. Having worked in various mediums from pencil to cast bronze sculpture, his passion for art began in high school and after 57 years, this passion is vibrant as ever.  After serving in Viet Nam, he was accepted to college and further graduated with a Master’s in Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture. Joel has exhibited internationally, and his work adorns numerous private collections. Now retired from teaching fine art and design in higher education, he devotes much of his time to sculpture and drawing. He has crafted his drawing techniques which he calls energy drawings and messy lines to a fine art teachable discipline. His energy drawings won him numerous awards in numerous Science Fiction and Fantasy Art shows from 1998 to 2012. He subscribes to the idea that with this technique, almost anyone can create dynamic and beautiful drawings. His drawings range from softly toned nudes and portraits to wildly abandoned pencil and eraser strokes that burst from the paper and draw the viewer into the work with intriguing detail.”


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