Carl Witzel

Discovering Ourselves through Art

It has long been my goal to spread the Joy of discovery and creativity – the kindness, harmony and tranquility that we all desire.  Beyond words, vibrant colors and earthy tones are the biosphere in which we grow.

So I have returned – late in my life – to my dream of sharing with others the discoveries I hold to be timeless, hoping to form from clay some tangible reminders of the ideals which have molded and will continue to mold humanity into a worthy guardian of this miracle of Life on earth.

Currently, I am active in multiple avenues at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA.

Having studied at Millersville State College and Michigan State University, and having taught art in a number of environments, I continue to attempt to answer the very first question presented to me by my Zen influenced professor:  “What is Art.”  According to him, all answers come up short.

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