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The Art of Woodfired Ceramics featuring Peter Callas

The Art of Woodfired Ceramics featuring Peter Callas

This invitational international exhibition, curated by Brett Thomas and Mark Tyson, features work by 40 artists from Japan, France, New Zealand, Indonesia, Denmark and the United States. The work showcases the uniqueness, power and breadth of the wood-firing technique with styles ranging from wabi-sabi to expressionism.

The show is anchored by a collection of large expressionist ceramic sculptures by Peter Callas who is celebrating his 50th year as a ceramic artist. After travelling to Japan in 1973 to study ceramics, Peter built the first Anagama (wood-fired) kiln in the United States in 1976. Over the past 50 years, he has exhibited on five continents and received numerous awards and grants including the Pollack/Krasner Foundation Grant in 2018. His work is included in the collections of over 30 museums worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sculptural works by many other artists are also included in the current exhibition.

Additionally, the exhibition includes a very special collection of over 150 Tea Bowls from around the world. There is a long history of consumption of tea around the world and many customs that have provided guidance to makers of tea wares throughout the ages. This exhibition (curated by Mark Tyson, collector and tea bowl maker) explores the significant aesthetic potential of contemporary tea bowls made for, or inspired by Japanese tea ceremony. This collection is an expansive survey of the influences and cross cultural pollination that has produced interesting and beautiful bowls that transcend their intended utility and can be viewed as works of art. As small sculptures, they draw the user into a collaborative experience. Tea bowls embody the ideals of wabi-sabi aesthetics, which have influenced artists throughout history, including many of the sculptural works in this exhibition.

Participating Artists include :

Joe Bruhin
Emmanuel Alexia
Chris Alexiades
John Berleth
Xiaosheng Bi
Peter Callas
Claude Champy
Nani Champy
Tom Coleman
Carolanne Currier
John Dix,
Katie Fee
Pascal Geoffroy
Chris Gustin
Hillary Kane
Heidi Kreitchet
Jason Laney
Dick Lehman
Ken Matsuzaki
Hiromi Matsukawa
Raphael Meyer
Richard Milgrim
Hideaki Miyamura
Sebastian Moh
Kristin Muller
Shiro Otani
Laetitia Pineda
Elena Renker
Andrew Sartorius
Akira Satake,
Ming Yuen-Schat
Ryan Schulz,
Shane Sellers
Jeff Shapiro
Willi Singleton
Maria Spies
Okazaki Takao
Brett Thomas
Jack Troy
Mark Tyson