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Our Featured Teachers for Fall 2019

Our Featured Teachers for Fall 2019

9/8/2019 to 11/27/2019

Quincy Carpenter, Painter

Quincy Carpenter is a teaching artist who loves exploring new methods and art mediums, especially with landscape and nature.  At the Community Arts Center Quincy has taught the Lucky Charms Mini Makers class, Summer Spree, and Teen Studios.  She has worked with outreach at CAC through fundraising, local festivals, the CAC student ambassadors program, and the mural in Swarthmore Town Center. Quincy lives in Swarthmore PA with her husband and two daughters.  She is currently the art teacher at the Walden School.

Bridget Hughes, Potter

After taking a pottery class in high school, Bridget always wanted to pursue it more seriously, but the busyness of college and graduate school interfered. After completing a double Master’s degree program in Social Work and Divinity in 1996, Bridget finally started taking classes in Chicago.  Playing with clay was a creative outlet once a week while she worked multiple jobs. Bridget and her husband moved to Pennsylvania in 1997, and she continued her training more seriously with the Potter’s Guild in Wallingford, PA.  Bridget was initially attracted to the wheel and to throwing functional forms.  She loved to create bowls, mugs and vases that could find practical uses in daily life.  In 2003, a friend suggested they take a hand-building class together.  Since Bridget was pregnant with her third child, sitting at the wheel had become more difficult, and she agreed.  Since that time, while still keeping her hand in throwing, Bridget has become primarily a hand-builder.  Most of her pieces are made by rolling out slabs of clay and then texturing them before creating the form.  Her work explores the relationship between form and texture, without losing her initial sense for practical, usable pieces. Bridget lives in Media, PA with her husband and three children. She is currently a Member of the Potters Guild in Wallingford PA.  She teaches hand-building at the Community Art Center, also in Wallingford, PA, and she exhibits and sells her work locally and nationally.

Emily MacDonald, painter/jewelry maker

Emily received her AFA with a concentration in Fine Art from Delaware College of Art and Design in 2012. In 2016, she completed her BFA in Metals, Jewelry and CAD/CAM from Temple’s Tyler School of Art. Emily has worked as a teaching artist at the Community Arts Center since 2012. She has taught and and worked with variety of media including acrylic paint, ceramics, mixed media and jewelry. Currently, Emily teaches several of the community outreach programs at the CAC, working with organizations such as South Media Initiative, Elwyn’s Davidson School and Chester Eastside Ministries. Emily’s personal body of work reflects her desire to explore and combine different materials and concepts. Bringing together both bold and geometric patterns and colors, as well as soft and naturalistic forms, Emily’s work embodies her life experiences and conveys her Feminist perspective.