Currently in the Duke Gallery

In the Duke Gallery – 2022 Summer Fellows

In the Duke Gallery – 2022 Summer Fellows

6/18 to 7/18

Exhibition Reception: Thursday, 6/30 6PM to 8PM

Emie Hughes: Summer Spree Session 3   As a trained choreographer, I approach each work choreographically and compositionally through the lens of movement. My deep connection to nature and blue are themes that I
am continuously exploring in my work, whether I am creating dance, mixed media, or cyanotype prints. Specifically in my cyanotypes, I use the process to explore light, my love of nature, and ways to create (and share) movement in a 2- dimensional space.

Erika Matyok: Summer Spree Session 1 Spree student artists will learn the ancient art of Mandalas. Students will work in a variety of art materials to create their own mandalas. We will learn about radial symmetry, different cultures and their use for making mandalas, such as ceremonial and traditional methods.  Students will also have the opportunity to create 12-point mandala clocks using their original drawing and paintings and simple battery-operated clock gears.

Jeff Waring:  Summer Spree Session 2   As an artist, I find it helpful not to know too much; to intentionally cultivate being uncertain and open. Although I may be the instigator, each artwork arrives when it is ready. I send out the invites and set the table, till the soil and sow the seeds, but I am ultimately a collaborator with my materials and my world. I set things in motion and respond.
I am a mixed media artist and prefer to think of myself as a bricoleur; I collect materials at hand and transform them into new artifacts. Often, I create on location, or in my outdoor studio, as weather allows. Paint and glue are important elements in my cache, as are weathered and initiated surfaces, employed to explore the transcendent as a drummer explores rhythm, as a poet explores pause and punctuation, and as a photographer captures and composes memories.

I am a naturalist at heart, and my art expands upon a range of interests, from science to spiritualism. Through a mashup of quantum physics and mysticism, I search for enlightenment, epiphanies, and escape. I am a student of erosion, wave patterns, magnetism, and change. I am drawn to the imperfect art of outsiders and children.

As a teaching artist, I enjoy setting up opportunities for my students to make discoveries as they immerse themselves in the physical nature of manipulating materials. This might involve drawing with a combination of permanent and washable markers, followed by a wash of water to dissolve some of the color. It might involve creating a series of prints with sponge rollers, followed by a class of cutting apart and re-collaging opposing patterns. It might involve collaborative tempera painting, followed by a second day of taped patterns and another layer of paint, followed by a third day of peeling away the tape. Whatever we do, there is often an opening exploration, followed by interruption and reinvention, and a collaborative display. The activities are engaging, and the results are surprising. As an artist I try to do the same planning for myself. Explore materials, reimagine, reinvent, and share.