In the BeaDazzle Lounge – Robert Deane and Eva Kozlowski

In the BeaDazzle Lounge – Robert Deane and Eva Kozlowski

2/3/2024 - 3/8/2024

A little bit about Robert Deane:

Bob Deane is a ceramic artist who teachs here at the arts center.  He has been at the arts for over 30 years and teachs several different classes in handbuilding and the wheel.  You can find his ceramics in several places including our BeaDazzle Artisian gift shop and Earth and State in Media.

Since Bob was young he has been creating from what was available.  He thought an exhibition with a little chonology would be interesting.  People have frequently asked him where his ideas come from, with this exhibition he is exploring who he is and how the space between his ears inturprets the magnificence of life.

A little bit about Eva Kozlowski:

Eva Kozlowski is a contemporary painter living and working in Philadelphia. She uses traditional and invented approaches to tell visual stories through paint. Working from life and invention, Kozlowski’s main pursuit is to build a visual world through color and shape. She has studied at Studio Incamminati, and received a BFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She is currently building a studio practice that will grow for years to come, looking forward to what the future will bring in painting and other mediums.

My practice is centered around the experience of working from life and invention. Tuning into the present moment, and translating what is around me into paint is the utmost challenge and pleasure. I love the act of painting; it is when I feel completely free. Telling stories, creating visual worlds and appreciating nature through art is my greatest joy. Everyday I give thanks for the opportunity to create and share it with others.

My paintings are my dreams and my life.