In the BeaDazzle Lounge Gallery for July/August 2023

In the BeaDazzle Lounge Gallery for July/August 2023

In the BeaDazzle Lounge Gallery for July/August 2023

7/22 to 8/25

Artist Statement: In my lifetime I have discovered that pure joy is derived from loving and being loved, and from enjoyment of learning. I find satisfaction in filling my mind with known techniques in a variety of mediums.  Then I challenge myself to explore unknown possibilities through trial and error and persistence. It is my ultimate quest to maintain qualities of a medium, but to also make a personalized statement that enthralls the viewer immediately in depth. People often tell me: “Your colors make me happy.  I will cherish this painting forever.”

Every new painting starts with an underpainting – when I flow my colors together onto the surface with awed anticipation.  Watercolors have “minds” of their own; I wait patiently and enjoy their interactions. Once the paint settles, I discover motions and textures within the undulating color juxtapositions and begin drawing out my vision. I subtract, add, and flow on more colors for depth.  My colors have “conversations.” The secret to beautiful watercolors is…let them be themselves…and you will all flourish.

My most recent work is the result of an exploration of the rambunctious side of watercolor paints. My motto has become: “No Rules – Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance.” In many ways, my non-representational paintings are the truest self-portraits I have ever created!

Artists Bio:  A New Hope, Bucks County artist, Ellen was a graduate of Pennsylvania State, Temple, and Arcadia Universities.

Ellen’s teaching career of 35 years in the Centennial School District involved all levels of art, from introductory classes through Painting and Advanced Art. For twenty years she served as the K-12 Fine Arts Curriculum Coordinator.  Ellen retired from teaching in 2008 to devote more time to her love of painting.

Ellen’s works have been exhibited in the Peninsula Gallery in Lewes, Delaware, the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery, The Golden Door Gallery in New Hope, PA, and the Coryell Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. Ellen’s works were exhibited at numerous juried shows, including the Doylestown Bicentennial Art Show, the Lambertville Historical Society Art Show (Best of Show Award), and the Phillips’ Mill Art Show.

As a painter, Ellen enjoyed watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and mixed media such as color pencil/watercolor, that all reflected her personalized colors. In 2009 Ellen created an imaginative series of collagraphs printed on her Whelan Pro art press.

In 2014 Ellen began to explore the possibilities of Ampersand Claybord as a base for watercolors. Claybord is a kaolin clay surface fired onto a ¼” panel and mounted onto an inverted basswood box. Ellen’s non-representational paintings on Claybord range from 6” x 6” to 36” x 48” and are permanently fixed with archival matte varnish.

Until her death from ALS in October 2022, Ellen continued to paint with optimism, a contagious enthusiasm, and an irrepressible smile.  To all who knew her she was a model of kindness, love, generosity, and fortitude.