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In our Stairwell

9/8/2019 to 10/12/2019

Every year the Community Arts Center collaborates with schools, non-profit organizations, initiatives and individuals across our region to bring art making and creative expression students to across the Delaware County. Our talented teaching artists’ work to craft unique learning experiences for students of all ages.

This September we are honored to present images from four of these important programs in our Fall 2019 Outreach Exhibition at the Community Arts Center. We have a process-based approach to our outreach work, there for much of the “finished product” stays within the community. We work with students to create public works of art, projects to beautify their schools, temporary installations, and pieces students keep to beautify their home. In this exhibition we are featuring photographs to document the amazing work of the following programs:

Chester Charter School for the Arts, Davidson School at Elwyn and South Media Arts

Many thanks to all of our outreach instructors for their tireless dedication to their students; we would not be able to engage with these communities without their hard work!