In Lounge Gallery a Beadazzle Gift Shop Exhibiton February 2023

In Lounge Gallery a Beadazzle Gift Shop Exhibiton February 2023

2/4/23 to 3/4/23

Exhibiting Artist: JOE LOPCHINSKY


After graduating from Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia with a major in Advertising and Illustration, I began my career in advertising in the Philadelphia area market. After several years in the industry, I acquired a number of freelance opportunities and was able to build a steady clientele in Philadelphia sports markets, including the Philadelphia Phillies; national pharmaceutical brands; and the record & recording industry.

Based on my years of agency experience, I found my niche in the sports promotions market. An opportunity to join the Comcast Spectacor Companies provided a stable career move. Comcast Spectacor’s brands included the Philadelphia Flyers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Philadelphia Wings and the Philadelphia Soul, the former indoor football team. As more companies were added to the roster, I advanced from Graphic Designer to Creative Director of the companies brands.

My love of watercolor painting is a carry over from my days at Hussian School of Art, but it took a back seat to my full time career. When I reached a point in my career that allowed some time for painting, I found that the desire to paint was as strong as ever. There are many subjects I like to work with, but florals, wildlife, and classic cars and trucks truly sparks my imagination.


My love of watercolor was inspired by a teacher in art school. What I found interesting was the way he saw the world as a blur of colors and how he could layer a few brush strokes and tell a complete story. I don’t think I will ever achieve his spontaneity or his liquid washes but that’s the part of this journey that keeps me searching.

Subject matter is a challenge. It is key for me to resolve this challenge by finding the perfect strata, paint, and technique. One subject may require a wet on wet technique where colors merge and blend and another require a dry brush technique resulting in high detail.