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On Our BeaDazzle Gallery Wall December/January

On Our BeaDazzle Gallery Wall December/January

11/29/21 to 1/29/22


My background as a landscape architect has inspired a curiosity in exploring the many ways that the natural environment can be captured in different art forms. From an intricately detailed monoprint of leaves to an abstracted painting of an expansive landscape, each expression is a way to interpret my emotional connection to the world around me.


Combining an appreciation for art with a love for mathematics and science, Cynthia studied landscape architecture at Rutgers University and the University of Illinois. Designing a wide variety of landscapes throughout the United States as well as international locations often led to frustration when construction documents were turned over to contractors. Wanting to be a more active participant during that part of the design process when dreams imagined become a physical reality led to creative outlets with the opportunity to develop an artistic idea through to a finished product.

Painting in acrylics and oils, monoprinting, ecoprinting and crafting handmade jewelry are current areas of interest. Ms. Murray exhibits in a variety of Pennsylvania and New Jersey galleries. She recently joined the Community Arts Center staff as Administrative Coordinator.