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On Our BeaDazzle Gallery Wall

On Our BeaDazzle Gallery Wall

7/28/2019 - 8/23/2019

Pencil drawings and mixed media by Georgi Grentzenberg

For many years I have shown works done in ink and colored pencil. The detail in my work pulls the viewer into a created world, at times surreal, whimsical,  and very colorful. Lately I have returned to working in mixed media, combining found materials: papers, fabric, wire, mylar   – painted and clear used in more abstract designs.

This exhibition deliberately combines both styles. I find joy and challenge  in the contrasting ways of thinking about creativity, materials and process. Each piece I create becomes a meditation, a conversation with myself about lines, color variations, and internal coherence in both styles. I’m interested to see where these divergent explorations will take me.

To follow my work, go to “G. Grentzenberg, Artist” on Facebook.