HOME, a juried exhibition

HOME, a juried exhibition

HOME, a juried exhibition

February 1 to March 5, 2021

JUROR: Susanna Gold
Susanna Gold has been active as an independent curator, scholar, and educator in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years. She served on the Art History faculty at Tyler School of Art for nearly a decade, and has also taught at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her Ph.D. She has curated academic and community-based exhibitions for institutions such as Woodmere Art Museum, InLiquid, Drexel University’s Leonard Pearlstein
Gallery, and Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, and NoBA Artspaces.

Juror’s Statement:

Most remarkable among the entries for the “HOME” exhibition was the broad range of subject matter addressing such a familiar concept.  Because so many of us are experiencing our homes in different and unexpected ways during the pandemic, our ideas of what defines “home” have broadened considerably.  The art selected for this exhibition falls into several categories:

  • the physical environment of home – the interiors and exteriors of our lived spaces, whether it is the intimate spaces of our bedrooms, the architecture of our houses, the familiarity of our neighborhoods, or the broad expanse of a landscape.
  • the activities we associate with home – from those solitary, private moments of  repose and relaxation described in a still-life painting or the patterns of shadows falling across our back porch; to the pleasures of the everyday experiences of domestic life we experience in gardening or dining together;  and even to the new pressures of being restricted during a time of limited freedoms of mobility in recent months, expressed in descriptions of frenzied activity, isolation, or even undercurrents of anxiety.
  • the relationships we experience in our homes – the image of a newborn held by a grandparent, the intimate gesture of clasping hands, or the beloved pet that melts into our spaces with a sense of pure belonging.

The number of entries to this exhibition was particularly robust, I suspect because the idea of “home,” particularly over the past year, has brought new challenges, new pleasures, and with it, new and varied emotions.  The art in the exhibition follows all of these different avenues for coming to terms with our new experiences of home.

Artists were invited to interpret the theme “Home” in any way they choose. The exhibition is on view in person in the CAC’s spacious Duke Gallery and as a digital gallery on this website. It was open to all Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware artists eighteen years of age or older.

The show is on view February 1st through March 5th.  Gallery hours are currently 10am – 6pm Monday Through Thursday and 10am – 2pm Friday.  No appointment is necessary to view the exhibition during these times, as we do not typically experience a high volume of traffic on a given day.

Exhibiting Artists:

Karen Bailey, Christine Blair, Ronnie Bookbinder, Elizabeth Breakell, Ann Marie Biscoe, Jean Broden, William Buck, Lisa BurgerLentz, Maryanne Buschini (2nd Prize), Amelia Cain, Danielle Callahan, Lauren Cassidy, Suzanne Comer, Virginia Conover, Toby DeLaney, Laura Demme, Barbara Dimbach, Linda Dubin Garfield, Cary Galbraith, Veronica Gledhill, Betz Green (1st Prize), Jim Green, Linnie Greenberg, John Gummere, Erica Harney, Sean Hildreth, Kimberly Hoechst, Melissa Husted-Sherman, Tamara Hutchinson, Charles Kaprelian (3rd Prize), Megan King, Carolyn Kline-Coyle, Marianne Lerro, Patricia Mahoney, Maxine Manges, Michelle Marcuse, Steven Martin, Erika Matyok, Constance McBride, Francis McCann, Jr, Denise Mount, Mimi Muhlenberg, Deidre Murphy, Sandi Neiman Lovitz, Bonnie Neubauer, Lynn Oberfield, Tracey O’Hara, Rinal Parikh, Pete Prown, Brit Ray, Catherine Renzi, Abbe Resnick, Al Richards, Sally Richards, Alvina Ridpath, J. Rossi, Roger Roth, Patricia Scarano, Denise Sedor, Lois Sellers, Thomas Sendgraff, Helge Speth, Gerri Spilka, Todd Stong, Morgan Thomas, Kathleen Wert, Keith Willis, Kurt Winkelman, Paul Woolf, Maryanne Worrell, George Rothacker