Friday Night Live – Plenty Pepper Band

Plenty Pepper was formed in 2015 to celebrate the musical traditions of Trinidad and Tobago and to build new audiences for the steel band art-form.  The name of the band comes from the lingo of Trinidad’s food vendors…  When a non-Trinidadian places an order, they’ll often be served a mild, “tourist-safe” version of the dish.  In order to get the true authentic flavor, you must order with the phrase “Plenty Pepper!”  The band’s philosophy is to present music the same way – with all the spice you would expect from the Caribbean. The band will consist of 7 musicians (playing steelpan and percussion instruments) and a narrator.  Plenty Pepper will present a suite of original music for steelband inspired by the monsters and supernatural creatures of the night from the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago. The work will evoke these creatures (the lagahoo, the soucouyant, the jab-jab, the midnight robber, the douen, la diablesse, and the phantome of the crossroads) through short musical vignettes. The music is a departure from music typically heard by steel bands… It will draw from early Caribbean dance and folksong styles and also rely on playing techniques that are rarely used in steelpan music.

Tickets Available at the door!

CAC Benefactor Members please call the office for your 2 free tickets.

Concert inside our spacious Duke Gallery.  Just bring your friends and something to eat and drink and enjoy!