Kyla Wind


With a background in both fine art, and massage therapy, my yoga class focuses on intentions of mindfulness, safety, breath awareness, and connecting to your inner spirit. After practicing yoga for 5 years, I spent an intense month at the Expanding Light Ananda Ashram in the mountains of California. While there, I completed my teaching certification in Ananda Style yoga. My appreciation and gratitude for yoga has only continued to amplify trust and healing in my body, my mind, and my spirit and through every class, I hope to pass on some of that passion to anyone else that is interested in learning more about the practice. No matter what level you are at or if you are a newcomer to yoga, I welcome you to a class of gentle exercises, guided poses and affirmations, and a short, relaxing meditation. It is my hope, that through in-person interaction, a person’s yoga practice can not only flourish on the mat, but also grow while off the mat and continue through daily life. Come and connect to your inner strength by giving yourself the opportunity to appreciate your present so you can take on your future with a grounded spirit.